Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let's Get Mikey!

My wife brought home Mikey last week.

The Blue Mikey Microphone, that is. This little guy plugs into the charge slot on my iPod and gives me about an hour of really good sound recording before draining the battery.

She got her wholesale discount, but they retail for about $75.

That means I returned my near-the-top-of-the line handheld 2GB digital audio recorder with USB output and even a tie-clip microphone and took my $170 credit back on the ol' credit card.

I am recommending the Mikey for its portability and sound quality. The only drawback is the power drain on the iPod. So for lengthier sessions, I suggest you either choose a portable digital recorder or use the Mikey, bring along a second iPod.

For my desktop microphone, I use another Blue product, the Snowball. Both of these microphones are solidly constructed and produce very nice sound. Although I haven't yet packaged the Blue Mikey sounds I recorded, I do have an example of the Blue Snowball recording as part of a slidecast.

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