Saturday, February 9, 2013

When Online Forms Shut Out Leads

I just stopped cold in my tracks in someone's lead-generation funnel.

I was on a software website that provided very high-level info and lots of interesting claims about effectiveness.

Okay, I was hooked, but I needed more information.

I clicked through what promised to be a "self-guided tour" - an online demo of the software. Oh, goodie! I can't wait.

But then - a form - with 16 fields for me to fill out (including "best time of day to contact"). And the submit button read "Request Demonstration."

Uhhh - no.

I definitely wasn't planning on talking to Headset Bob about a product I still don't know enough about. Slow your roll, playah, as the kids used to say.

Yes, we marketing and sales types want to get our hands on leads, but providing clear information about a product/service is one of the best ways to pre-qualify your leads. Let me decided if your product is worth my time and money. If it is, I'll ask for more info and even risk a phone call with Headset Bob. But until then, why would you want to waste your time following up with every form-fill lead before they even know your offering?

Cart before the horse much?

Moral of the story: Don't "form" me out of viewing your online demo. When I'm looking for information about your product or service offering, now is not the time to gather intel on me. Now is the time to give me the info about your company that I want.

Let's get started in some trust-building, shall we? By the time you DO get my info, I'm a hot lead.